Sunday, February 28, 2010

Cutting it Close

Actually I didn't think I'd make it but last night everything else got pushed aside so I could finish my "Your Designs Rock" entry, a competition put on by Rings & Things.   The deadline is midnight tonight which does give me all day to take some decent photos and fill out paperwork.  I took pictures late last night but I didn't do the whole set up and so pictures are not great....but here's a sneak peek.
Nope, it's not a crown, it's a choker. For those of you who have seen my Urchin Wings bracelet you will recognise the component.  My inspiration for this one....which as you can see, is not everyday wear....was Elizabethan collars (which I'm fascinated by) and my desire to create something that wouldn't look out of place in a Vogue photoshoot (my dream).
I designed it to be worn with hair up and bare shoulders and, boy, do I wish I had somewhere to wear it because it turned out exactly as I imagined it.
If you're counting....that's 20 Swarovski rivolis, 40 fire polished rounds, 20 Swarovski pearls, THOUSANDS of seed beads and LOTS of hours work!

The inner ring has bezelled rivolis suspended by fire polished rounds and sits against the neck, the urchin wings stand off the neck making lots of great negative spaces.  Can you tell I'm happy with this one? Lol!

Now I just need to be able show this piece to it's best in just three images, not an easy job given the depth and shine.


  1. Beautiful, I think you captured an Elizabethan collar and a Vogue photo shoot! Godd luck.

  2. Oh my Goodness! Marcia, you may not know it but most who know me're my beading hero. So, praise from you makes me giddy as a kipper. Thank you so much!

  3. Beautiful! Maybe you need a road trip to the Bay Area or LA where you could wear the collar and be right in style. Or, offer to loan it to one of the Oscar nominees, like Sandra Bullock, to wear with her gown--(one always needs to dream big) and be a world wide sensation "overnight" --how much fun would that be. Don't we miss CA!!!

  4. Oh yes.....I miss CA so much. I would have no problem having somewhere to wear it if I was still in CA. I could definitely see this one on the red carpet....but I think I'd die of fright with the response.

  5. My GOODNESS! I am in awe. You must have some amazing drive... I love it. So beautiful!

  6. WOW!! You are too much! This is something seriously fabulous!! :)

  7. Excellent! I wish there is a tutorial for us enthusiasts. Thank you for sharing ;)


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