Monday, March 1, 2010


Firstly I wanted to show I can take decent pictures of my jewelry....and, boy, is ths piece fun to photograph!  This is the close up I sent in with my entry.
So, once I had the entry sent in yesterday I was jazzed and found it hard to sit down and do anything. I thought I'd earned myself a Sunday off and was going to enjoy it.  Well, I did enjoy it but my enjoyment came from designing a new lariat which I will teach as two classes in April.  It's nothing earth shattering just my version of a St. Petersburg chain and Russian leaves.  Sometimes it's difficult trying to put together classes with a time restriction of two hours because as we all know there are so many stitches that just don't grow that fast and to learn it you may walk out of a class with only an inch of beading to show for it.
I did get an interesting e-mail on Friday that may give me a spot to do some more advanced beadwork classes.  Apparently there is an Art Academy opening here in St. George and they will be having all kinds of classes for adults and children.  I wrote them back and I hope I get to meet them this week and chat about the possibilities.  I'd love to see a monthly workshop where we can spend six hours working on something.

Today we have our Dixie Bead Society Bead-In, which tends to turn into more of a chat-in...but at least beaders are getting out and being social.  We have our meet at the Starbucks in our local Barnes & Noble, they don't seem to mind, which is great because we get to peruse all the beading books while we're there.   The only bummer is that our FMG joint order, which I'm supposed to be handing out today got stuck somewhere between Portland and Salt Lake City and is now due to arrive this afternoon, whereas, it should have been here Friday.  Oh well, a watched kettle and all that.

I'm going to be a wild child today and not plan anything else...just let the day take me where it will, because lately I seem most productive when I try not to be.  Odd that.


  1. I do wish I lived closer to the St. George area! Would love to take some of your classes. Maybe someday.

  2. This piece is fantastic. Love the close-up, too. Good luck for the contest!


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