Saturday, March 13, 2010

Clay in Your Hair

As I was putting a barrette in my hair the other day I thought...gee, I should make something cool for my hair.  So this is the start.
I've named this collection "Rio Grande" because of the south western feel and it reminds me of train tracks. This is the out of the oven polymer stage, soon to be sanded, buffed and beaded. There will be quite a few pieces in this collection (heading for Datura gallery in Kayenta), in the works are two necklaces, some bangles, earrings, hair adornments and I may even add a couple of rings.  By that time I should be throughly sick of the design and ready to move onto the next thing.  But right now I'm enjoying myself.


  1. Great colors! And I love the bead caps or beaded beads in the second pic.

  2. Thanks...those are my ruffled rondelles...they work really well as bead caps.

  3. These are amazing, the colors really POP!! :)

  4. Love the hair clips unique...of course the colors are perfect for spring!!! Teal/turquoise always makes me think of spring...



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