Friday, March 5, 2010

Knitted Beads?

Not really.....just some knitting techniques translated into beading.
This is my take on cabled herringbone, a class I'll be teaching next month.  It has really got me thinking though.  In a previous life, back in England, I was a knitwear designer and I can pretty much knit anything in any style. I know my background of writing knitting patterns really helped when it came to writing beading patterns but I hadn't thought too much about translating knitting patterns into beading.  Now I am.  

Herringbone is such a great stitch for doing cables and actually pretty something on a larger scale is processing in my brain right now and I'm itching to try it out.  I have a cuff in mind and I'm thinking it might look rather nice with my Urchin Wings choker.....which apparently is going to see a red carpet next!  My friend Annabel is working on a fundraiser which celebrates Gone With The Wind, her husband, Patrick, played one of the "Babies? I don't know nuthin 'bout birthin' no babies!" babies. The event comes complete with red carpet and is the perfect chance for me to wear the choker.....and a subtle, but distinctive cuff would be the finishing touch. All I have to do is get over my nerves for such social events.

Boy, did I have a full house at class last night!  Eight ladies including four new to bead weaving....the Dutch spiral wouldn't have been my 1st choice for their first class but I think they did ok. So many times people have a hard time in class and then come back the next week having not only finished the piece they started in class but with one or two others too. Once they get home and have some peace and quiet to concentrate (classes can get a little they find they actually did learn what I was teaching.

I really need to start taking my camera to class as three of my students brought in pieces they had finished and it was amazing to see my designs translated in their own's always a fresh look at my designs and often makes me think "dang! I can design".  When you see your work all the time it tends to seem nothing special and one of the things I love about teaching is seeing the color interprations of my students.  YAY! Ladies, you rock!


  1. I've just returned home this week & I'm back to visiting...

    I've just looked down and wow've been very busy...gorgeous pieces!!! Your work is always so inspiring to me, even though we don't do the same kind of beading!!!!


  2. Good to see you back, Heather....and back at ya!


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