Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What a Cool Idea!!

Heather Powers of Humblebeads blog has this fabulous idea for a giveaway.  She's put together a box of beads which will be the Sisterhood of the Travelling Beads giveaway.
The idea is that this $200 stash of beads is sent to the winner drawn from comments made to her blog. That person gets to choose as much as they want from the stash then replace it with beads from their own stash, and do the same competition on their own blog with fresh pictures of the revised stash.
The goal is to see how long we can keep the beads travelling.  Fun, huh?

I have put forth the question of sharing a turn....given that the ladies of my bead society don't have blogs but would probably love to take part....we'll see if that's possible.

I really like the idea of linking with a bunch of beaders in this way...it really gives one a sense of community.  Kudos Heather.

Ok....a puzzle for you.
I bought this fabulous green stone but we're not quite sure what it is....aventurine? some kind of jasper? If you know...do tell.

As you can see, the mystery stone is on it's way to being a necklace.  It would be nice to know what the stone is before the necklace is finished and off to the gallery.


  1. Mikki - it doesn't matter how the beads are replaced, if you and your friends take and add new items that's fine and could be a fun afternoon!

  2. Thanks Heather....yeah, I was thinking it could be a fun group thing for the bead society.

  3. Sisterhood of the Traveling Beads - great name and fun idea. I can hardly wait..
    Mikki, I love what you did with that green stone and so quickly! My goodness, we just got them. Mine are still in their little plastic bag :-(

  4. Lol! Just making something off the cuff and not having to think about teaching it makes for speedy work. I also made a few peyote tube beads for it and I'm planning on some beaded beads to tie it together.
    Right now I'm heading to the buffer and those barrettes...then they'll be ready to bead.

  5. Mikki--pretty stone--could it be Aventurine? Love what you've done with it so far.

  6. My guess is adventurine but I've never seen aventurine so grainy, so it's making me unsure.

  7. I read about it on Jeannie's blog and it really is a cool idea.
    Not sure about the stone, as only the specks/circles in the lower part look like the classic aventurine. The rest of the stone is really too grainy for aventurine. I looked through all the aventurine in my stash and none looks like it.

  8. I believe this stone you're wondering about may be called Varicite. It may also be a very mottled version of Michigan Green Stone. Off to Heather's site to comment on her blog!


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