Friday, March 12, 2010

Full to Bursting

Beading class last night was just that....overfull actually, I exceeded my limit of eight by two! Fortunately I had just enough kits.  Fabulous for me as a teacher but also tough because it spreads me a bit thin.  I had wondered how other teachers did it with 20+ students in a class and then I read that they have assistants. Brilliant!  Well...last night made me think, I need an assistant.
So, rather than have to limit the class and turn people away I now have an assistant.  Suzanne graciously agreed to take that position, her words were "when do I start?"  She is already testing my patterns for the magazines so it's an obvious choice and great fit.  Suz comes to classes but, seriously, she doesn't need instruction and I believe it's more of a social thing, so this should be perfect.  This is one of the pieces Suzanne made and asked me to photograph....I've been trying to get her to send me's a design by Lisa Kan. Suzanne sent Lisa the photo and Lisa loved the colorway she chose.  We designers do love to see what people do with our designs:)

She will be assisting me next week for the Corsage Bracelet...yay!  I just need to get the kit to her so she can learn it.
Weird but I feel all Bobby Flay...maybe because I watch him with his assistants on Showdown and can see Suz and I being the same way, because I love her input on colorways. 
Last night I ordered beads for some extra Corsage kits, the two pictured colorways are Topaz/Gold and Cobalt/Fuchsia. The other colorways are Lavender/White, Turquoise/Coral, Aquamarine/Lemon & Black/White plus a couple of extras as I play mix and match.

I'm not sure why there's been this sudden surge in my classes...though it does coincide with my new display in the store, maybe that's it.  My jewelry is also doing well in the new maybe it's just that I've paid enough dues obver the past two years and my hard work is beginning to pay off.
I have been wanting to do a little advertising of my classes but the last few have been so full I didn't dare.   Now I can do that.


  1. You must the thrilled to have your classes over flowing with students...such fun!!!

    Nice to hear your hard work is paying off...although it doesn't surprise me as your pieces are gorgeous!

  2. Not only did Lisa Kan create the pattern for this lovely necklace, she also made those lucious glass leaves. She makes them and many other glass beads that are available at her website There are so many inspiring beaders out there, I don't have a clue how to give you all the credit you are due. Thank you, Mikki, for having so much confidence in me.


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