Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A New Facebook Friend

I had a friend request on Facebook the other day and with a quick look at her profile I knew this was someone I'd love to have as a friend.
So, let me introduce Linda L. Jones from Halifax, NS.  What made me think she was so cool? Well, firstly she beads, duh! Secondly, she works with polymer, yay!  And thirdly, anyone who quotes Leonard Cohen is way cool in my book.

One of the things I loved about her beaded jewelry were these fab earrings....what a cool take on a Russian leaf!

And here are some of Linda''s beads ready to cure... some very nice canework going on!

You can see more of this lovely lady's work on Flicker.

A really interesting thing Linda is an uncanny red (correction to my previous word 'dark' though red is defitely darker than blonde blonde)haired version of my friend Annabel .  I have to get pictures side by side because they look like twins.


  1. I highly approve of "way cool"...
    And the hair is red. Very red. Says so right on the package!:D

  2. Lol! We may use the same package :) Kate Bush is actually someone I highly approve of, and I have the posters to prove it.

  3. Great earrings...you often come up with the prettiest red hair, or any color for that matter, from a box!!! I know...I was a hair stylist for 14 yrs... :0)


  4. Oooo....something new to know about Heather. Very cool. Once upon a time I was a natural red head but mine's been coming out of a box for three decades thanks to premature grey running in my family.


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