Saturday, March 20, 2010

I'll wake up any minute now or I may need more coffee

Having just looked at 56 pages of designs over at the Art Bead Scene blog, thinking I was looking at the entries for the Margie Deeb color challenge and seeing black and white designs, fried eggs, and lots of red I wondered "did these people read the rules?"   Then I realised I hadn't seen my entry.  So...yeah, you guessed it I was looking at the wrong challenge.
Sometimes I need a slap up side of my head.

And now I can issue a huge "PHEW!" Because I did not stand an ice cube's chance in hell amongst the 1,576 entries I was looking at.  There is still hope.

I finally finished the Russian Lariat (all 45" of it) which I'll be teaching next month and the beads for the kits just arrived.  What fun to have big bags of beads to dip one's fingers in.

I also had my first class with Suzanne about taking a weight off!  It was back to a normal size class but having Suz there to help me teach just felt so much easier than stressing about getting around to everyone and giving them the help they needed.  The class at the new bead store is next Saturday and I have some sign-ups but nothing big enough to need help yet.  

This weekend I'm working on one of the pieces I plan to enter into Bead Dreams....I had a lot of work done on it but, I decided I didn't like some of the out they came and now I'm reworking it.  It would be nice to have it finished this weekend so I can just think about the second entry which isn't even started yet.  We're off to Vegas on Monday to bead shop and I plan on picking up some beads for the second project then to add to what I already have.   Then it's get all the regular work done in two days and bead my butt off to get the entry done by the deadline.  I'm also fighting the fears I have with entering such a huge competition, lots of "who do you think you are?" type things floating through my brain.  Self doubt sucks.  I should spray paint "I'm a winner" all over my studio walls except my brain would just go "Yeah, right!"


  1. Hey Mikki, I think you are winner just because you do what you do...your work is gorgeous!!!

    Have fun bead shopping...

  2. Ohhhhh....I love the lariat!
    Who DO you think you are? I suspect you are Mikki the Marvelous who does prize-worthy, fantastic beadwork. And that other voice...the voice of the raven croaking "nevermore" or "who do you think you are" should fly into a wall.


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