Thursday, March 11, 2010

Get the Beads First!

As I'm trying to match beads to the clay ones I made I'm missing it...everything is a shade or two off.  This is what happens when you can't wait for the beads to arrive so you can make your clay match them.

Of course there is something easy to match to your own polymer beads......polymer clasps!
As I had to stop working on the necklace in progress last night because of color issues I thought I'd whip up a clasp to match it.  Well....I made too much so besides a couple of toggle clasps I also made this set.
I was smart this time....I designed the necklace BEFORE making the components...gee, an old dog learning new tricks.
I figure with all the beads I'm ordering to try match up to these something has to be right. I have visions of the folks at Fusionbeads shaking their heads as they send me a new order every other day. The trial and error of online shopping when you don't have a local seed bead source.

Suzanne was asking me how many canes I had and I was saying I'd bought a box that I thought would house all my canes with lots of room for you can see it's full already and there's even an overflow!


  1. Looks like a box of candy. Eye candy!

  2. Gorgeous beads Mikki...and your box of canes does indeed look like candy :0)



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