Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Worms, Rozanne, Worms!

I love that line from one of my favorite movies, Roxanne, and I'm reminded of it this morning as I woke very early and decided to get up an start my day....the early bird catches the worm. $1,000 Shopping Spree Sweepstakes

Speaking of catching something....catch your last chance to enter the Artbeads shopping spree which ends tomorrow, March 4th just before midnight.  Who couldn't use that?

I'm trying to start my days by writing a pattern each morning until I'm a full three months ahead.  I'm trying to free up a couple of weeks this month to dedicate to the Bead Dreams competition (deadline April 5th) as I have a couple of designs I want to enter and that's a fair amount of beading.  I'm still at the point of collecting the beads for the designs, though one piece is mostly done it still needs some more beads, which I'm thinking I'll get on our road trip to Vegas.  

I haven't managed to play with clay because of all this work....and then I also think.....I need to bathe the dog, dye my hair, do laundry, etc.  I'm giving myself the weekend off to do all these things...well, that's the plan anyway.

What would I rather be doing?  That's easy, I'd rather be getting ready for the Beading by the Bay retreat.....not in my budget this year *sigh*  However, if it's in yours I hear there are a couple of spots left.   And just look at these projects by the instructors, Marcia DeCoster, Jean Campbell and Maggie Meister.
Oh well, I'm putting it on my dream list for next year.


  1. Wouldn't it be fabulous to plan to go together next year??
    Hey, the classes you have planned are super! I appreciate your great busyness and hope you are reserving some time for your own projects.
    (oooohhh - a feather cane - cool....):-D

  2. I think it would be awesome if we could go together, you and I and maybe some of the other gals. We'll just have to start saving now, plus San Fran is my fave city!


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