Saturday, March 6, 2010

Lazy Days

Well, just one....yesterday I woke with a headache and just generally didn't feel good (the bathroom saw a lot of me) so I decided on making it a lazy relaxing day.  I had managed to do a lot on Wednesday, including bathing the dog and dying the grey out of my hair, both things I planned for the weekend and was ahead of myself.
So, I spent a bunch of time (time evaporates when looking at beads) working out colorways for my kits and then put in my orders.
After that I settled in to make a few feet of St Petersburg chain which is actually a two-part class I have slated for next month.  After working on a lot of structural beading (did you know that's the subject of the book I'm working on? Anyone want to publish it?) like my Urchin Wings collar, it's refreshing to work on a simple and delicate stitch.  I do feel schizophrenic at times though because the two forms are so different.  My Dr Jekyll side is all about creating easy, very wearable and easy to learn beading while my Mr Hyde side likes to build crazy challenging pieces.  I'm actually having each of them make an entry for Bead Dreams....a competition within myself....yes, I know, I'll probably end up in a padded cell.

I watched the rerun of Project Runway.  Now that was my kind of challenge! The designers had to create a look which featured an accessory and they got to shop for materials at a hardware store.  I could have killed with that challenge!  Well...I might have been in the top three, that 'leather' outfit made from garbage bags was brilliant!

Before I went to bed I placed another bead order for all the things I forgot....that's why Artbeads and Fusionbeads were invented, right? Free shipping and no minimum....brilliant strategy and I love smart businesses.

Edited to add.......bead delivery, gee, turquoise is so pretty the should make it color of the year **grins and does a Snoopy happy dance**
Guess what I do next!


  1. We are all entitled to a lazy relaxing day on occasion...hope you enjoyed yours!!!
    I see I'm not the only one who puts in orders late at night!!! :0) My favorite time to shop!

  2. I read somewhere that turquoise IS the color of the year 2010. Can't remember where. But for it is the color of every year. I love it!


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