Tuesday, June 29, 2010


As I'm teaching how to make a butterfly cane next month and until you get some practice in the cane tends to be on the large side I thought I'd show what you can actually do with them. This one will be a pendant style necklace when beads arrive to finish the St Pete's chain it will hanf from.
 Slices of the lower wing would make great earrings too.

I woke up with a foggy brain which I think started last night when I couldn't think of what I wanted to do next.   I started to make the Steampunk version of the dream cuff and then decided to redesign it....of course, that decision came AFTER I'd completed the base.  So I played around with beads to see if I could find another colorway I was happy with.  Then I started thinking about freeform, dug out some components from my "I love this, don't know what to do with it" box ....only to realise it was quite late and I was tired.

I feel foggy brained this morning and don't know where to start....probably tidying the studio would be a good idea, but what fun is that?  There are patterns to write and kits to pack, new designs in my head, things to finish, and I should probably list some more stuff  into my Etsy.
So...I need to just sit down with a nice iced coffee and make a list.


  1. Oh my that is absolutely stunning...gosh I want one now!!!

    I have no polymer clay skills so if you plan on selling the butterfly wings be sure to let me know as I would happily buy them so I could create a stunning piece like this. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this... gorgeous! Did I mention I adore butterflies (and dragonflies)!!


  2. Hey Karyn....I'll put making some butterfly wing cabochons on my to do list and let you know when I list them :)

  3. That would be fantastic... I love red and orange together, browns, and teal greens ...hee hee!



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