Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Snappily Distracted

After creating these little bead encased snaps for my Carpetbagger series I became really intrigued with the possibilities for the basic snap.
So, yesterday, I was distracted away from what I should be doing to make up some fancy snaps which I previewed on Facebook yesterday.

Suzanne asked a good question, how big are they? Well, the Delica ones on the bracelet are just 1/2" diameter and a teensy bit over 1/4" tall when closed.

The fancy ones are 3/4" diameter and 1/2" tall when closed.

Once I've worked out the kinks I'll put up the pattern on Etsy, though one kink I think everyone will have to live with is the kinky needle you end up with.

Pretty much every beader I know has a collection of bent needles, it's just part and parcel of beading. What always makes me laugh is why we keep them, however.....this is just the project for those bent needles (why ruin a new one).

I'll be picking up more snaps today, in various sizes, so expect to see more designs soon.  I'm even thinking about going one size down for an itsy bitsy teeny weeny snap with 15/0s.  I love tiny things, always have, I blame my first grade teacher for getting me hooked on 'The Borrowers" books.  The little people who lived under the floorboards.

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  1. These are a very cute idea - I will be keeping an eye out for the pattern!

    Be sure to link here when you have put them up!



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