Thursday, June 17, 2010

Obsessed with Flatwork

It certainly seems that way lately, and this is the latest off the beading bench. I call it Steel Wave, lots of matte metallics and a bit of shiny in my favorite color palette of black and shades thereof, silver and a teensy bit of red.
I was really happy with the buttons I found at Joanns, and on sale too, they even had the little bar in the center rather thann two holes.  This one is definitely on the industrial side.  This is one I'd love to keep.

Joanns have their 50% OFF buttons this week and I stocked up. I tend to buy buttons that inspire cuffs rather than the other way around, much less stress that way...not to mention time hunting for just the right button.   So yesterday afternoon I pulled out the new buttons and started designing, two buttons in and I had three designs, one being a new Carpetbagger.  I just need to restock my Delicas....I had such a great collection when I wasn't using them.


  1. Oh that is awesome... the colours are fantastic and the overall design is wonderful. Those buttons really do complete the whole metallic look... I love it!



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