Sunday, June 27, 2010

Ta Da!!!!!!

Here she is the bracelet dreamed up in the two hours sleep I had one night last week.  Artbeads had sent me these gorgeous jet Swarovski rounds and bicones on their blogger program and I'd been designing things to do with them....those designs got scrapped, well, put aside after the dream as they were perfect for this cuff.

The base is RAW, it then turns into tubular peyote and then into herringbone. Layered at different heights to give a slight curve.

Yes, that's a jumbo snap turned into a clasp....this one will NOT fall off!

It's quite chunky and rather sparkly...and hard to photograph!

The design does have another layer which I didn't use on this one as I rather liked the holes, but a future version will have all four layers.
This is an extremely versatile design with so many variations possible I doubt it will ever look the same twice.  There is a Steampunk version stay tuned.

Disclaimer: Artbeads sends me beads from time to time so I can show you and give my honest opinion on them. I am in no way reimbursed for that opinion.


  1. That is stunning Mikki! The chunky beaded snap is a perfect compliment. Good job!! Sleepless nights obviously work well for you.

  2. I love it it looks like a spider in a web <3
    if your selling it let me know ;)


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