Saturday, June 5, 2010

Urchin Wings Goes Rio Grande

 Well, Suzanne mentioned turquoise and black as colors she'd like to see for the Urchin Wings here it is, with a touch of copper taking it into the Rio Grande collection.
This was the one I made while writing the pattern which went very smoothly...what's up with that? Maybe it's because I'd made so many of them for the choker it's ingrained in my brain forever.
One of the great things about this colorway is that it photographs really well, much better than the sparkly original...always something to think about when the destination is a magazine.

It's a trip to the local bead store today to see if I can find a couple of beads I need for two other colorways.


  1. It looks fabulous both ways. I just love this design!Looking forward to seeing the other color paths, too.

  2. This is brilliant, and so original!!! and i love how the copper seed beads make it look like it's really copper wire and not beads.

  3. Aman yarabbi muhteşemm!!!... :)

  4. What an absolutely stunning design and those colours are exquisite together. Well done!



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