Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Holy Crashing Computors, Batman! laptop had been getting slower and slower and yesterday things started refusing to work. Then it started shutting down randomly....not good!
So I had to get fixit software and that ran for a chunk of hours yesterday but YAY....everything seems to be running fine now.  Back up to speed.

So...what do you do when you can't write patterns?  Well, you bead, of course.
This is the latest off the beading bench, I call it "Ancient Capstones" because that was what inspired the design.  Once I get chance this will go into my Etsy store along with the pattern.
I made this one up in black, white and some shiny and matte metallics. 
It's a cuff that will look good for day or night wear.


  1. I'm just astonished at how you keep turning out such fabulous work time after time. This is a beauty.

  2. Thanks Sandy and LJ.
    Gee, LJ I think the same thing about you.

  3. Well me thinks it's a good thing your computer crashed as this piece is gorgeous... the black and white are very striking together. Well done!



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