Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Pros & Cons of Sleep

I don't know about anyone else but I have one of those design brains that doesn't have an OFF switch and to get any sleep at all I have to take the happy little pills that induce coma like sleep.   When I die and people ask how I'm sure the answer will be "her brain exploded", the result of running out of the happy pills.

I will typically have sketch books, notebooks and loose pieces of paper around me full of new designs that I haven't gotten to yet and those account for maybe 10% of what's in my head.   And they just don't stop coming.  The image that comes to mind is a "Lucy" episode where she was working in a chocolate factory and looses control of the conveyor belt.

So....I love having something to make me sleep and shut down my brain for a while.  However......sometimes it pays off forgetting to take one.  Thursday night was just such a case as my muse came up with the most amazing layered cuff design.  I was up yesterday morning at 4am rummaging through beads to make this new design that flows through a pallete of stitches in a way I didn't even know could be done.  It was actually worth only having two hours sleep!

I've never designed anything that is as versatile as this allows for so many variations that I'm sure I could make a hundred of them and not one be the same.  I can see if I did it a certain way it could be totally romantic, another way classic, yet another and it would be Goth, and it screams to be Steampunked.  Make it with two layers, three layers or four, or partial layers....

Yeah, yeah I know...I'm a tease!  Pictures will follow when I've worked a version or two up.  This is the first piece that makes me think it would be a great project and kit for the big Bead shows.

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