Monday, June 14, 2010


How do you feel about confrontation? Does it comes easy to you or would you rather have a double root canal?
I seem to be a bit Jekyll and Hyde about it...go figure!
I have absolutely no problem confronting the hugest of things if it's for someone else, I remember at just 16 standing on a table to shout at a large group of people to stop them from harrassing a transvestite. Me against a mob for a worthy problem. Me standing up for myself?   Ugh!
Where does all that courage go?

I'm still trying to get up the courage to go to one of the galleries my work is in and discuss their 'bait & switch'.  When I took my work into the gallery the commission was discussed and agreed upon, the same as at the other gallery my work is in.  The manager upped my prices, cooing and complimenting my designs.  Since then, they dropped some of the prices to below what I had as my bottom line and are paying me less commission.  WTF!
The manager has since left and a new gal has just taken over and I really need to go speak with her....but, I'm avoiding it.
I haven't taken any new pieces in and actually opened an Etsy store to try and sell on my own.  I make regular sales at the gallery and I like getting the checks but they are smaller than they should be.

What would you do?
Quit the gallery completely if they don't give me the commission originally discussed?
Just give them the quick and easy pieces marked up for the lower commission?

And...yes, I need a contract if I continue with them....the one the other manager was working on and would get right to me!


  1. Hi Mikki--here's my idea. Why not write up your own contract based on what you and the original gallery manager agreed upon. Take the contract with you and see if the new gal will agree with it. Change the amounts if you feel it's warranted--or not--you know how much your pieces cost to make and you already know you can't work for free. Then, pretend you're the "go between" for someone else and go "fight for them" instead of just yourself. Personally, if the new gal doesn't agree, I'd pull my stuff and try it somewhere else. You are being cheated girl--course you already know that, but pretend it's someone else being cheated if that helps. Wish I lived closer, I'd go with you for moral support! Luck to you, CJ

  2. Awwww...thanks CJ. I think I've waited a couple of months so that they could see my work sells, it makes me feel in a stronger position. I'm just trying to talk myself into being very cool and calm, and remind myself that other galleries are interested.


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