Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Getting Back on Track

Trying to get it all back together after being ill isn't that easy....a case of baby steps. That term, baby steps, always makes me think of the movie "What About Bob?" and makes me imagine myself tied to chair awaiting 'bomb therapy'. The fact my mind wanders to those kinds of thoughts makes me know I'm feeling kind of normal.

I'm trying to avoid looking at my To Do list because it will scare me into inertia.  So, my first baby step was to work up my Zig-Zag Ruffle Cuff in a second colorway...I think this is a pretty subtle neutral for those who don't want to scream turquoise. There's a green version too but not made up yet.

My next baby step is to test the new instructions for my reversible Hex Lozenge Bracelet which is slated for the August/September issue of Beadwork magazine. I was going to do it last night but my printer was refusing to cooperate.  Then I have kits to pack for class tomorrow.
I refuse to look further ahead than there!

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  1. Ohhh that is stunning. I have always wanted to try something like this. I subscribe to Beadwork so can't wait to get my copy when it is released.



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