Sunday, June 13, 2010

Finishing Up

Do you have a few things that just need a little bit of work and then they're complete?  The ones you just need to figure out a closure or an embellishment?
Well, I do. My Carpetbagger series were waiting for me to figure out the closure, I had a lot of ideas but I wanted something unique to the series. I had thought of snaps but dismissed them as not being beady enough and then Barb, one of my students came to class wearing a little bracelet with a beaded snap closure and it gone my brain moving.

I think Barb would say these don't look like hers as the snap is totally encased, but I have to thank her for the idea!
It took quite a few attempts before I got this just right and I'm very happy with how they look. The idea was to have them look like studs and I think I managed that.

I also dug out a simple peyote band bracelet that I had decided needed embellishing. The bracelet was designed to reflect denim and now it looks a bit more Denim & Diamonds....lots of sparkle!

After that I piddled around with a vessel project I just started , got bored with that and picked up yet another unfinished piece...this one a very Gothic wide cuff that may well end up with a netted ruffle.

Always LOTS to do when you're a beader! Even on a Sunday!

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  1. Oh these are lovely - I love the colours in first two cuffs - really pretty.



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