Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Haute Couture Beading Contest

CathiK over at BD kindly brought my attention to this beading contest

It seems lately that when I verbalize my dreams they manifest....or someone like Cathi shows up to point me in the right direction. This contest is killer and I already have designed pieces from THREE of the crazy runway outfits, in all of about 15 minutes...lol! Can I enter more than one? Lord....I haven't a clue which one I'd do first even.

I want to create some really spectacular things for the glossy article, deadline January, so this inspiration is perfect timing. I have to say (again) I LOVE using fashion as inspiration. This contest has me choosing the wildest designs but I have to say....I totally see my designs as wearable. Some of the beading I see in the big competitions makes me think "when would anyone wear that?" or "that would be extremely hot to wear". I've ripped pieces apart because they didn't fall right when one leaned forward or there was some other little glitch that just didn't wear right.

Inspiration is fabulous....but one has to hit the 'TO DO' list before getting carried away and I have a chunk to do before my class this afternoon. I did put in an order at Artbeads last night for a few things I need for the pieces I'm working on....the PR inspired choker and a bracelet I'm reworking to submit as a project for BeadFest.

I'm also thinking about creating a project based on my Beadwork Challenge piece...I'm so happy with how it turned out and it photographed brilliantly. I think the necklace could be made in a day class as long as the students know the basic stitches involved. I'd love to get input as to whether it would be an interesting class but I'm holding off putting up a picture...maybe I'll see if Interweave will allow a picture on my blog.

Oh well...duties of the day to attend to.

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