Sunday, August 23, 2009


I've been a big fan of Project Runway since the first episode and I'm so happy it's back. It's fabulous to see someone else's design process and the struggles they go through...because in that respect it doesn't matter what you're designing, be it clothes or jewelry.

I was totally inspired by Christopher's winning dress in episode 1, my design brain immediately started to translate the design into beading. It would actually be a cool challenge "Create a piece of jewelry to match your favorite design from Project Runway"...I may have to take the idea to BD.
My immediate design was for a choker, but 3 inches into the peyote base I thought I should maybe start with a bracelet...we'll see which way I!
Actually, it's my dream to design for the runway. You can design outside the box for a fashion show and I confess to having a LOT of wild designs rattling around in my brain that aren't exactly everyday wear. I love costume design and when I was living in California I went to two costume parties a month and made all my own costumes from a 'Wicked Minnie Mouse' for a 'Twisted Disney' theme to a chainmaille and organza corset creation for a sexy warrior princess look for San Francisco's Exotic Erotic Ball.
I love the Elizabethan and Renaissance periods and some of my BIG ideas come from there and I don't think I'm alone, I think Arline Fisch (love her!) has taken some inspiration from those periods too. These BIG designs are buried in my sketchbooks, dreams waiting to be fulfilled. However, I've been having so much luck with my designs lately that now might be the time to go for it, go big, be brazen and aim high.
More inspiration comes from another designer on Project Runway this season, Epperson who at 50 (my age) is the oldest contestant ever on PR. Makes me feel we golden ones aren't past it yet!

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