Monday, August 17, 2009

Vegas Baby!

Road trip!!!
My friend Selina and I are off to Vegas to visit the bead stores. Selina teaches painting at the craft store, is a regular at my beading classes and on the committee of the Bead Society I started.
I'm still kind of broke but I see some Swarovskis in my future, hard to go down and not buy them at the prices Ernie has. He told me there was a Swarovski war in Vegas and their prices went down and down until the other store went out of business, after the war was over Ernie and his partner decided to keep the prices low...he sells them just above cost! WAR! What is it good for? SWAROVSKIS!!!!
Well, wish me luck in the Vegas traffic and I just have to keep my mind on my fall palette...MOPP, MOPP, MOPP. That's mango, olive, pumpkin and pomegranate. Yummy!

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