Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I haven't really sorted things out since I changed direction a few months ago and it's long overdue. Some things are just no longer relevant and then, of course, there's the usual 'designer's disarray' that happens when you have to search through every storage box you have for the one bead that's playing hide 'n' seek.

I really want to get all my beads out of the storage boxes and up on the walls like the bead stores. I figure it'll cost me about $100 to get a good wire system and all the hanging tubes for my beads. But I think it'll be worth it to be able to see everything all at once. Plus I'll need it when I move to my new studio....a dream for next year.

I also need to destash as there are things I no longer use. Clasps are one thing, I've moved on to only using sterling or gold fill so I have a lot of plated ones that need to go. Then there's the little ziploc baggies I used to pack beads in for my kits, now I'm switching over to tubes they are just taking up space.

Last night I put together a calendar for all my classes as with four classes a week I need a simple way to keep track of what I'm doing at each one. I did a calendar with a logo and image of some of my came out looking quite professional. I also want to be able to hand them out to my students so they can keep track too. The store's website now has pictures of the projects which will help out a lot.

I'm also working on boxes for each set of classes so everything is ready to go. It takes time to organize but in the long run it'll save lots of time...and stress. class today but still tons to do.

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