Thursday, August 27, 2009


I'm a highly productive person and a hard worker, both things you need to be if you're going to be self-employed. Those qualities, oddly enough, haven't made working for someone else enjoyable or profitable. I have actually been pulled aside many times by co-workers who have told me to slow down because I make them look bad....what the ????? And most of the time bosses just take advantage or get worried you're after their job. So, I'm definitely suited to working for myself.

I had a highly productive day yesterday, I sorted some more things out, got some destash things packed, photographed and listed in my store including the pattern to my Cobblestone Wave design. Then I organized all the samples for my classes, boxed and labeled them. I printed the flyers for next month and created my calendars for September and October....the stores where I teach my classes are going to be so happy with! Truth is, if I'm not super organized teaching four classes a week could be a nightmare.

I finished up my day by making the second half of the base of the Project Runway choker....for people who want to know how long it takes me to bead (frequent question) the piece is 1 1/4" wide, 5 1/2 long done in two drop peyote using Delicas and it took about three hours with stretching breaks....but I did also do the picot edging and about 3 inches of picot ruffle. Of course, that's the easy part, now I have to make about 64 small ruffled circles using #15 seed beads....I have four made so far. It's an easy piece to put together though, once all the components are made and the Swarovski pearls to finish it are on their way from Artbeads.

I'm thinking a bracelet version of the choker might make a good class...the problem when you have a peyote base is the time it takes to create it. However,with this design only half the base of the bracelet would be peyote, and at two-drop it could be done in a day class. While I work, my design brain is working on the Haute Couture designs though I'll have to wait till next month's trip to Vegas to get the beads as I really need to get the colors right and that's almost impossible to do online.

I have instructions to write and illustrate, about ten more sets and I'm done for about six months. I have five projects to design for the Bead weaving classes in October. The goal today is one set of instructions and teach class tonight...non-beading related, I have to dye my! Anything esle I get done is pure cream.

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