Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Inspiration Overload!

There's something about a bead store that overloads my brain.

It's kind of like my brain goes into a sugar coma.....I can't think. Actually, it's more like I can't complete a thought. My designer kicks in and tries to design a million different things at the same time and my mind goes all "blue screen".

It's the problem of not having a local bead store and being able to go in a few times a week and get 'climatized' to all the inspiration. I have to settle for the trip to Vegas once a month and it's just not enough to stop the brain freeze when I get there.

There is no substitute for being in a good bead store! Online shopping is convenient and it's great to recieve your package, but honestly folks....it's like eating dogfood compared to a really good filet mignon. (Not that I've eaten dogfood...well, maybe a cookie or two).

The good thing is that it does make me stick to what I went down to buy and eventually my brain sorts out a couple of new things I want on the next trip. I came back with the silver chain I needed for the Deco-inspired pendant I just designed for next month's class, some 26g copper wire for the Deco bangle (my classes have made our town's four craft stores sell out), the Swarovski crystals I wanted....and bonus, they just got in the 3mm size, a few rivolis and the new thing I wanted from my last visit...I believe the store owner called them 'pinch' beads but they look like a lentil with the hole to one side. That was the bead that stuck in my mind the last visit.

It was a good trip, traffic wasn't a problem and I totally fell in love with Selina's car, a Prius. I now know what my next car will be.

Today I have a class this afternoon, a knotted design I call "Bold & Beautiful". The pendant is not part of the class, I just wanted something black and red so I bezeled a black glass stone (actually a floral glass pebble). I use floral pebbles when teaching wire wrapping as it's crazy to use an expensive cabochon when it's your first class and it's amazing how good they can look. I learned this knotting technique from a book eons ago and I really like it, it's a great way to match to an outfit and if you sew you can use fabric from a skirt or dress in the design.

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  1. Hi Mikki,
    just wanted to say hello, as I added you to my reading list of blogs.
    Glass pebbles are a great alternative to expensive cabs for practicing. I use them, too. Nice design! Loev the idea of using the same fabric as your clothes.
    See you on BD!


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