Thursday, October 8, 2009


As I was reading the day's postings on my bead blogger reading list today Jean Campbell's post registered She is giving her blog readers a sneak preview of one of her necklace designs that will be in her new book due out December 2010. I can't say the necklace is one of my favorites but I do really like the ruffled circles she uses for the back of the necklace. It's also interesting to see her blend of bead weaving and wirework, fusion definitely is interesting.
I hope to have a book myself one day and the guidelines for writing a proposal (given to me by a wonderful woman at the craft store) are on my whiteboard just waiting for me to find some time. I am definitely feeling inspired to write a book....whether it's on beaded flowers or Gothic Style is something I need to decide. Maybe it should be Gothic beaded!

I'm still getting ready for the show. I met with Selina yesterday and helped her price things, that actually helped me price mine. I'm often told I anyone who does bead weaving I'm ALWAYS told I underprice. Why do I do that? The sad thing is I think it's deep rooted and comes down to feelings of unworthiness.....I can actually hear one of my old therapists saying that. Things to work on.

We will be going to Mesquite tomorrow to do the check-in for the show and see exactly where we are going to be and how open to the winds we are. The winds are my chief worry. Weighting the canopy down sufficiently is crucial.

I've kind of been at a standstill with beading....I have a piece I'm working on that I pick up and do a bit here and there but I seem to be too distracted to get anything done. Once the show is over I should be able to concentrate and get some new designs done. I need to start submitting projects to the magazines and decide what I want to do about a book. I also need to get some alternative things done and in my store. Of course there is the Bead Society meeting next Tuesday so I have to get through that too.
So much to do and so little time.

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