Monday, October 5, 2009

I'm Baaaacck!

Finally migraine free and feeling more like myself.

Despite the pain and being out of it things still went on....exciting things at that.
I had a few sales from my webstore (always good) and most exciting, I was invited to join's blogger program. This is a program where bead bloggers are selected to promote products available at

It's a no brainer for me as I love this company. Their prices are great, inventory is huge and they do free shipping. I also appreciate that they take the time to wrap your order in pretty purple's the little things that make a company special!

This month the product line is Swarovski and I can't wait to get my products so I can put them into my latest designs and show you how Swarovski can make your jewelry pop. One of the Swarovski products stocks that even the Vegas bead stores don't is the pear shaped pearl ( ....these are gorgeous! I have some in creamrose and the gorgeously rich dark purple...both for works in progress. Of course I think we all know Swarovski pearls are the best and I try to use them whenever I need pearls....though sometimes I fall back on Cultura for certain colors or if I need to use hundreds. One of my recent pieces with Swarovski pearls is my Fall Ruffled Dots I used the copper pearls in 4mm and 8mm sizes.

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  1. I love their site too and am one of their blogging partners too. Their Swarovski section is to die for. Hope you have fun choosing.


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