Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I've started getting all my stock onto the display boards so I can see just where I'm at and what I'm lacking. This is one of the two bracelet boards I have and amazingly they are both full. Any extras will have to go on the bracelet stand. I have a 30 x 40 board for necklaces and that's almost full too.
This being an outdoor event I'm concerned about the winds....the last two outdoor shows I went to we had to leave early after being blown out. At one, in the aptly named Hurricane, someone's booth took off as if in a tornado. I'm always careful to weight the canopy but my display stands would never stay upright. This time I'm taking my box easel for the large board so I can anchor it and I think the weight of the box will stop it from going anywhere. The bracelet boards will lay flat on the table, so no worries there....though I may velcro them onto wedges yet. Still some things to think about.
So, errands to run, class this afternoon and beading this evening. Hopefully the day will see me accomplish a couple more things for the show.

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  1. Oh wow, how exciting!! Nerve wracking, but exciting!! Your bracelets look so great!!


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