Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Check and Check!

I managed to get a few things crossed off my "Things to do for the Show" list. I made a stack of business cards and painted my sign, bought price tags and organza bags for sales.

I didn't sleep well last night and finally caved and took a sleeping pill at 2am...which of course means I didn't wake up at my usual 7am....eek...actually woke up at 11am! But at least I feel well rested and that should help me tackle the day. I just need to remember to take a sleeping pill earlier tonight as it seems excitement and stress are going to hinder sleep.

Selina and I have a meet this afternoon to check we have everything we need for the show.

I did hit The Wall yesterday. That's what I call it anyway. It's when I slump down and get a bit depressed, usually something unpleasant's like a foreboding thing. So, this morning I discover what it is....the place where I teach missed paying me for seven students. They missed two last month so it seems like we're entering a game of catch-up. It's frustrating because it means juggling money again to pay bills. Let's just hope the show this weekend surprises me and brings in some money.

I think everyone who starts a business knows there are constant set-backs and a whole lot of ups and downs. With a creative business I think this is exaggerated because we artists tend to put heart and soul into the things we sell and so are more connected than to say, a box of t-shirts. You kind of have to distance yourself and not take it personally when things don't go well. Then you have to rally, pull every ounce of positivity you have inside you and keep going.
I know I'm doing well with this business, it's building and a lot of great things are happening I just wish the money would come a little quicker.

Me and a zillion others, right?

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