Sunday, October 11, 2009

I Survived!

I didn't get blown away!
I did get a bruised nose!
I made a bit of money.
I met a lot of interestimng people and made some good contacts.

That was my weekend. The Mesquite Arts Festival was pretty successful...compared to the last few I've done. Ok....explanations....the winds stayed away till about 2pm on Sunday...Yay! I managed to hit myself on the bridge of my nose with the back of my car...ouchie! Stars, woozie, swollen nose...inside and out...hard to breathe....nose ice pack and finally a bruised nose.
Sales were slow but not bad considering....weirdly enough Selina and I made almost exactly the same. I was invited to do a craft fair to raise funds for! I was asked if I would teach at a retirement community.....nice! Other offers of galleries and co-ops....we'll see. I'm going to join Virgin Valley Artists Association....maybe show some art and jewelry in their gallery and teach some classes.

Did I buy anything? Oh word....gourds! Don't ask me why but I think I want to bead some. Not to mention beading a vase....not around anything....just beads and won't hold water....but who cares?

My brain is fried from the desert sun....I need sleep.

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  1. Yay, sounds like lots of fun, but sorry to hear about your nose!! :)


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