Friday, October 30, 2009


Ok...I have to say it....I am so freakin honored to have Marcia DeCoster following my blog. For anyone who does not know, Marcia is one of THE greats in bead of my heroes, someone who sets the bar I'm working towards. My Eye of the Tiger piece was inspired by all the golden tones Marcia uses in her attempt at beaded opulence.
"Beaded Opulence" is the title of her fabulous book, full of her stunning work. I confess I don't own it...I sneak peeks at it in stores. Marcia also has amazing bead kits available at her Mad Designs web store

Why don't I own this great book? As I've said before I tend to be a sponge and it's really easy for me to not only soak up someone else's style but even create the same exact thing without meaning subconcious can be a copycat so I have to keep a check on it and not give it fodder. It sucks really, because I'd love to own this one so I could drool at the pretty pictures.

Ethics....what ya gonna do?

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