Friday, October 16, 2009

Tired Out & Knocked Out

I did in fact survive the art fair last weekend but, boy, did it take some recovering from.
The bruised nose was only half of it...I managed to sustain some pretty severe bruising on my legs too...weird I can't even remember banging into anything. I'm not sure if I got some kind of bug too because I've had to spend a couple of days in bed...and with this piggy flu flying around it's better to be safe than sowwy (obviously I'm feeling better because my bad puns are back).

Last night I taught a class on how to use right angle weave to make a beaded bead. All the students got one beaded bead earring made, Selina managed both, however, they didn't think they did so good. I thought they did well....I know when there are three stages to a project people can get intimidated and I think that happened last night. I'm sure that given a bit of quiet time and really following the instructions (which never happens in class) they'll realise that it's really not that difficult to do.
I've been watching Rachel Nelson-Smith's beading activities on Facebook this week. She's been giving us an eagle eye view of her 'beading bench' as she creates a new piece. Very interesting. I love to see someone else's creative process (why I'm addicted to Project Runway) and this has been fascinating because we work very much alike. She seems to break her projects down in the same way I do, sometimes that means you end up with sections you don't use but they can then inspire another project. Rachel had some components made earlier in the week that haven't shown up since....but she's not done yet so we'll see if they do get incorporated. Rachel is also inspiring me to get mobile with my beading....she has posted pictures of her bead bench at a coffee shop and on the would be nice to get out and it's great networking. I think I may take my show on the road too....gets me out of the house!
I recieved my blogger program beads from and boy are they ever gorgeous! I got a few Swarovski rivolis and I really am falling in love with them....I'll have to take some photos so you can see why. I'm excited to get back to creating something new....maybe tonight I can get down to business after I've put samples together for next month's classes. I really want to create a showstopper. I also need to get a book deal....I've got to get focused on that and get a proposal done. Always so much to do and so little time.

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