Wednesday, October 21, 2009 is almost Halloween.

So....I'm working on my Petit Paquet piece and I have an off-the-wall idea for it. BUT...could I find the right beads? I guess so because I just bought these two crazies from I really like what I've seen of Jamie's work and anyone who loves Halloween that much is cool by me.

I can't wait to get the beads to see if what I have in mind will actually work, if it does Jamie will see a lot more of me!

I'm almost finished with the first Petit Paquet bracelet. I thought I would get bored with the repitition but not at all, in fact, I think this is a really fun one to make. It has a great drape, it's like it hugs your wrist all on it's own. And, I have to say I cannot stop coming up with alternate versions of it which usually is a sign of a good design.

I did some work on my catalogue of kits but it's not going to be ready this week, mainly because I decided I want to rework the samples in different beads. I had done the samples of my 'Learn-A-Stitch' kits in spring/summer colors because that's what they needed to be at the time I submitted them to the craft store. Plus, I had used less expensive beads as the idea was for me to sell them to the store at wholesale prices, but if I'm selling them directly I want the kits to have top of the line beads in them and that means Swarovski which puts them out of range for doing wholesale and still having them at a marketable price.

Update on 'Twin Roses'.
The only color that has been mentioned twice for my second version is 'purples', so it's in the lead right now. I will do a coral/celery version that just shouts "spring" to me.

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  1. Thank you for the shout out. I'm so glad you like my beads!! I love Halloween, hehe.

    Your work is amazing, and I can't wait to see your finished items using my beads. I hope they work with what you have in mind.


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