Saturday, October 3, 2009

Out for the Count

I totally got knocked out yesterday....the worst migraine I've had in a long time. A day when my stomach couldn't hold onto anything and the scales showed it this morning...two pounds lighter but not in a good way. Today I feel like I went through an elephant's digestive system ...chewed up and pooped out.

No demo for me today. I feel like Linus from Peanuts....wandering around with my blankie and sucking my thumb (well....not actually sucking my thumb). I'm kind of bummed because I had just started working on a wedding choker but I am too out of it to concentrate.

Thankfully I was way ahead of myself so I don't feel too stressed out by not doing anything. It's a goood book and naps for me today. I'm getting hungry too...which is a good sign. I guess the good thing's just a migraine and not swine flu.....always a silver lining.

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