Thursday, October 22, 2009

"The Cheap Designer"

That's what I'm thinking of calling myself after checking out a website today.

After following a link from BD about mathematical beads I landed on a very pretty site ( with some gorgeous designs. The beads were mathematically based (IMHO all beads are), I saw something very similar to the one I taught last week and will be reviewing tonight but Oh My! the prices!

I'm sure they make sales because some kits were sold out but who are these buyers? And can I get an introduction? With patterns for a bead starting at $18 and going up to $68 (yes, for just the pattern!) and kits for more than kit for ONE bead is $98! Am I just cheap? Under charging for my patterns and kits? Or do others feel these prices are kinda steep too?

Now I do get that they are putting lots of pictures into their instructions and if they have to pay a photographer and a graphic artist on top of printing costs (though if the patterns are downloadable this is mute) that they would have to charge a fair amount for their patterns but it still seems awfully high. As a former graphic designer I do everything for my patterns and kits.....the photos, the illustrations, the typographic design and at the moment I even print them. This enables me to keep my prices down.
Their beads are very pretty and their fringe technique is excellent, especially for beginners...they have a free pattern for this technique. If you have the money to buy their patterns or kits then you'll be delighted with the site, me? I'm just glad I can design anything I want to make.
My lesson learned today is that I'm not going to underprice my new designs and I need to do some more research on what other designers are charging.


  1. I agree. They have beautiful beads, but I just can't bring myself to spend that kind of money for a pattern. I wish I were talented enough to design my own, but I'm not, so I'll have to keep looking for more affordable patterns.

  2. Ya know..... Marcia DeCoster's kits are around the same price as that one for the beaded bead at $98 and you get a whole bracelet or necklace from one of THE top designers.


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