Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ahhh...ahhhh...Armature! Gezuntide!

It seems that when I mention the word "armature" people get curious annd start calling me a tease. Moi???? Lol! I am known for not being able to keep my trap shut.....unless someone requests a secret be locked in the vault.
When it comes to beadwork, well, the teacher in me wants to share and inspire and I have a hard time not showing things in progress.'s a teensy snippet of the latest armature piece I'm working on.

This is a hard armature in that it doesn't bend hence being wrapped in wire to give it strength.  The base of it is curly willow twigs, cured and painted with layers of latex (body paint type latex...I just happened to have some but I think Tool Dip would work too) to keep them from being too brittle and then wire wrapped to protect againt breakage.  By the time you have the beading around them done they are actually quite durable.
I could have just used wire but there's something about working around a piece of nature that makes me prefer the twigs.
Now...beading around these is time consuming and not this is not for the faint of heart or those short in the patience department.

I can't tell you what it's going to be cos that really is a surprise.


  1. OK, so now I am just going to sit here until you're done....I hope it isn't too long!!!!! Looks amazing, Mikki! (And of course now I want to bead a twig in the WORST way - like a magic wand type twig...)

  2. These are real skinny twigs, Nancy. What you're seeing is the thickest base part. Don't sit there and watch...go bead...this one will take a while.

  3. Damn Mikki! I STILL have no idea!!!!!!!

  4. Oh, this solves the problem I was mulling over last night. Wish I'd seen it a couple of days ago! Thanks so much for sharing your know how!


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