Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Muse

Maybe it was posting about personal style yesterday, or talking to lots of people at the demo last night that got Morganna, my muse, all riled up and demanding attention.

What is a Muse?
According to Germaine Greer "A muse's job is to penetrate the male artist and bring forth a work from the womb of his mind"...."The muse in her purest aspect is the feminine part of the male artist, with which he must have intercourse if he is to bring into being a new work."

Well...I guess that explains why they're usually female. Not sure how that works for female or gay artists.

For me my muse is my creative subconscious, she's the part of me that gives me answers in my sleep, designs while the everyday, functioning part of me rests.  I believe we all have muses but I feel artists tend to listen to theirs more. Morganna does a lot of my design work, my job is to look at enough inspiring things so she'll have something to work with :)
Sounds great doesn't it?
It is....when it works, designs flow, create themselves, bead paths come in dreams spun like sparkly cobwebs.
Of course, as any artist will tell you, it's not always like that.
Muses can be the most contrary, fickle, demanding divas, they disappear for weeks on end, show up in the middle of the night when you would rather be sleeping and change your designs forcing you to rip out hours of work.
They are often THE biggest PITA!

But...that's the price we pay for their brilliance.
Morganna poked and poked me this morning, until, I gave 5am on a Sunday morning! and got up to sketch what she was rabbiting on about.
A book.....different from the one I'm working on....and it is actually pretty much written if I listen to her.   New designs...oh, and this is where the contrary comes in....right after I blog about my personal style being Gothic and Vintage she comes up with a whole new line of contemporary designs.
It's like she's saying "try make THAT look Gothic!"

She's the best friend I fight with, the yin to my yang, the reason I take sleeping pills, the source of my designs, the one who ROFL's when I screw up, the devil on my shoulder and the angel in my heart.
Though she feels like a separate entity she is part of me....maybe the best part, certainly the most creative part.

So....if you know you're muse, treat her kindly,
and if you don't...then get very quiet and listen for her voice, if you're lucky, you'll hear her.


  1. alot of my artist friends have muse's
    most have names for them
    for me though i have never thought of it as one thing...just feelings
    do i have a feeling muse? i don't know ...i get the whole concept of a muse, i just have never thought of myself as having one.
    perhaps this goes back to my childhood and days since that i have had to share everything with everyone and most others get the that why i am not wanting to say its a muse? haha who knows.

  2. Could be. Could be why I am so easy crediting my muse...I was always taught not to brag and to hide my light under a bushel. Much easier for me to say Morganna is brilliant and talented than to say I am.

  3. could be...with me i know its the whole catholic guilt thing..never brag or you will go to hell sort of thing
    well you know what i am tired of everyone else bragging and not bursting into flames ..
    i want some credit for what i 'feelings' muse is along for the ride
    hang on its going to be a bumpy ride!

  4. Strange that we (women)don't have male muses? There are no male muses. They are watching football.

  5. Ha! Well....we'd have to be constantly asking what the male muse was thinking. And more often than not the answer would be "nothing"....a muse is no good if you've got to torture them for input.

  6. I never really thought as to what my Muse's name is. Maybe I should ask her. I usually just look at her idea and say to her "how the _ell do you expect me to do that?!?!?!?!" or "are you crazy?!?!?!" I've got a book full of stuff that she's whispered to me. lol

  7. have to trust your muse, she knows what you're capable of more than you do. If she thinks you can do probably can :)


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