Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Self Doubt

Sometimes it just creeps up behind you and sucks you up before you know it, and then you have to figure out the reasons and deal with each one.
It's been creeping up on me since I got back from my trip and I'm feeling like I'm clinging onto furniture to stop myself from being sucked into the wind tunnel.
So....I'm off to think and bead, bead and think.


  1. Hope it gets better for ya! I know all about self-doubt! I have been thinking and wanting to play with beads and maybe come up with my own ideas for something for a while, but I can never convince myself that I can...But, now, I have my hubby urging me along and telling me that he knows I can do it...So, with that kind of support, I need to get beads out and start seeing what they say :o)

  2. I think this is a natural course we take from time to time... no matter how many times we are told by others how great our work is or what wonderful people we are.

    Just ride the low and I am sure you will be back on top again... as you are amazing!


  3. I hope you're not having doubts about your talent or your beading skills. The reality is-you are a very talented designer and a skilled artisan. You seem to be a good communicator and a savvy businesswoman. Don't waste your imagination or your time doubting what is reality. Get to work and remember to take care of your body, you are what you eat! Chin up:)

  4. Thanks for the support ladies. I do doubt my abilities both as an artist and as a business woman sometimes. Unfortunately my environment is not great and whittles away at my confidence daily and eventually it gets to me. Things haven't much changed from when my dad used to say to me "When you prove to me that you can do something (make a lot of money from it) then I'll have faith in you"...and I used to say back to him "So you want to bet on the horse when it's won the race?" No one thinks of me succeeding and plans are always made for when I fail....and that kind of thing undermines and eats at you. I'm rubber...I'll bounce back, I always just seems to take a little longer the older I get.


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