Friday, October 8, 2010

Today is a Day to Breathe

After all the hecticness...hmm...hecticity? It's been busy, you know what I mean.'s time to slow things down a little and take a breath.
Sometimes things get so crazy it's like you're standing in the middle of the room and the room is spinning around you. So today I have put myself into  'Time Out'.

For me this means catching up on errands...doing silly things like laundry and shopping, maybe I'll even cook tonight.
Business wise I have Silly Sale things to list in my Artfire store and I need to sit down and make a fresh 'To Do' list.
I'd love to be able to spend Saturday playing with clay and get the latest beads sanded, buffed and up for sale.
Sundays are now taken up with projects to get the house on the market and somehow it seems it may all be up to me, it appears any help I get needs hands on supervision...sheesh!  

It seems I'm not alone in wanting a breather, fellow Bead Maven, Good Quill Hunting posted a blog today talking about how she gets so much done. Head on over and check it out.

And now I'm going to stare at this picture for a while.

It's Point Dume in Malibu.  When I lived there this is the beach across from the house and if you walked north on it you came to a cool restaurant and bar called the Sandcastle, it was my local :)  They did a great Sunday champagne brunch and was my Mom's fave....possibly because the first time I took her there Barbra Streisand was in the next booth.

Have a great Friday everyone.

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  1. I second the breathing. Oh yes, indeed. And the laundry, cooking type things. Helps to keep us grounded.


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