Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Frustrations to Freaky Happy Dance

Last night was one of those times when things turn around on you in a good way. I finished the focals for my Ice Queen and began working on the 'rope', now I had a couple of ideas in my head for how this was going to go. I knew what the base was going to be for the rope, pearls, but wasn't sure which of the two ideas I would use for the second layer.

Well....the first idea didn't work...hated it!

Onto the second idea....hated it more!

Yes, I was muttering curses, a mantra of s***, s***, s***!
I start thinking of options..not a lot if I still want the base I had originally I think...simple spiral??

Well...maybe....but my focals are spiral...that would be spiral overkill.
And so began the designers mantra of "What if.....?"
What if I blended idea #1 with the simple spiral?
What if I started the next section here rather than there?
What if this strand went there?
What if I went through that bead?

The result? A brand new stitch!!!
YAY!! Snoopy Happy Dance around the room.

Sorry...can't show you yet...and plugging my ears so I can't hear you scream "tease"!, can't hear you!

All will be revealed soon when the tutorial is written and in my stores I have bills to pay after all.
And to top it all, I woke this morning with a variation or two of the new rope that I'm dying to try...I love when a stitch offers lots of variations.

I had taken a break from trying to design new stitches and relaxed with the design and work up of Tornado....obviously it was a good choice. Sometimes you just have to stop trying too hard!


  1. Oh that's so wonderful, Mikki!!!! I cannot wait for the tutorial to come out - I am a rope fanatic, and collect as many ways as possible to make them. No wonder you're so happy - I would be dancing on the ceiling!!!

  2. Lol...not quite dancing on the ceiling...but close...haven't quite mastered the anti-gravity thing yet ;) I will tell you it's a triangular rope, and there will be a square version....and possibly a star version :-)

  3. Well, how about a materials list so when the tut comes out we'll be all prepared and ready to rumble? I'm serious here, Mikki!! That rope is sooooo pretty.


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