Friday, October 15, 2010

A-pondering I Shall Go

I have an idea for an entry into the Haute Cuture contest....but I'm pondering how to go about it. It will require an armature and I am contemplating whether it should be wire or something else.  I am very tempted to do the something else because it's something I haven't done before.
Yes..I know I'm being enigmatic but I hardly want to spill my guts and have someone steal my idea.  So this might not even be the picture I'm inspired by :)

So...the pondering continues.
Do I play safe or dangle myself off the cliff? personality type tends to go for the dangle.

It makes me wonder how other designers deal with these kind of they play safe or take a chance?  Is the sale more important than the creativity? 

I'll have to go hunting today and see if I can find the something else.
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  1. Creativity wins out over the sale EVERY time with me! Go for the dangle over the cliff, Mikki! I bet you'll love what you come up with! (And what is that on that model's head anyway? Hair? Hat? Really used cardboard box? And what does it have to do with the couture? I really don't understand 'fashion,' do I??)


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