Saturday, October 2, 2010

Personal Style

I wanted to write a bit about personal style and as I have almost finished the Gothic version of Gideon's Wheel this seemed like the perfect time.
It's way sparkly...just haven't got it to photo that way...yet!

As designers I think we all want to create our own personal style (see Project Runway) but feel pressured to give people what they want even if it isn't what we love to do.  I believe it's very important to have your own style but sometimes the most difficult part of that is knowing what your style is. 

Personally, I would not have told you a couple of years ago, had you asked, that my style was vintage because I had no clue that it was. I didn't discover my own personal style until I'd created quite a lot of jewelry and began to see the similarities of the designs.  I was fortunate to have had a fashion background to look at too and sure enough the style was there too. I discovered I have a thing for Elizabethan collars, and Rennaisance styling had shown up in my knitwear designs.
So, it's no surprise now that my personal style is Gothic, Vintage and Theatrical....even Costumey.

That does it translate into todays jewelry market?
Well, though I tend to make every design in a black or Gothic colorway, which does attract a lot of people, I then bring color into the designs. I've recently started working with Margie Deeb's Color Report and that has made transitioning into color a lot easier.   And sometimes I just pick every color I wouldn't choose for myself and work with!  Yes....I have even worked in the dreaded pink!

What do I want to be known for?
My Gothic style.
I dream of my Gothic pieces being featured in a Vogue photoshoot and for some of my designs I actually start by thinking..."what would look good in Vogue?" your personal style, pull the pieces you love the most and look for similarities...what are the colors, designs, shapes that say the most about your design view.
Once you've found it, stay true to it, keep it as your center path....and then play with the edges to reach more people.


  1. Wao, It's so beautiful!!
    Nice design and nice color!!

  2. Good entry. I love so many pieces that I'd never wear - and sometimes try to work in a direction that doesn't really suit my personal taste on a very fundamental level. Never works!
    Your point about sticking to your own "look" and experimenting with expanding on it is a good one.

  3. I'm fairly new to your blog but I don't see your work as being gothic. I often see gothic as very dark, faddish, and kind of odd. I see your work as elegant and timeless. Funny how we are all so different. I work in vivid colors, blues, purples, greens and even the dreaded pink. I have to consciously try to work in neutrals and dark colors.

  4. Thanks Sandra...and welcome.
    It has been said that I'm "Gothic Lite" or "Goth Grown Up". I tend to keep the beaded padlocks, slave jewelry, beaded barb wire and crosses to! When I move back to California the intent is to bring more of my Gothic little self into my jewelry...when I'm back around my peeps :) I live in a retirement type, heavily Mormon community right now.


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