Thursday, October 7, 2010

Class Day

After three weeks of no classes and five weeks of no kits to prepare it's back to the routine of weekly classes tonight. Allbeit with a new format.
It hasn't quite hit me that I don't have a new design and kit to do every week yet, but it's beginning to feel good.

My new format involves a large project, well two really, one for beginners and one for advanced, and so just two kits done for the beginning of the month. It will definitely make some extra time for me, which, of course is already planned!
It's a small class tonight so far....we'll see if the demo I did last week will bring any new beaders in.  But small is good to get me back into the swing of it. I know it's only three weeks but it's been such a busy three weeks it feels like three months!

Bead Mavens are off and running. That has come together so easily it amazes me and you've never met such a group of agreeable people. Beaders rock!We're planning challenges, throwing components at each other along with jovial barbs. don't just get to watch us can take part too.

Sunday is question if you have a question you'd like answered by all of us....ask it on our Facebook page and we'll choose the best question each week to answer. Six designer/teachers to answer your bead questions, that should give you a good chance to get an answer you like :)

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