Friday, October 22, 2010

Um...Let Me Rethink That

After being informed that the craft store I teach at does not want classes from the middle of November through December because they want to use the classroom for storage I needed to rethink what I would be teaching.

After giving them a glimpse of the Ice Queen components last night the drooling convinced me that I would teach the components on a larger scale to be used as Christmas ornaments.
Last year I taught a really large version of a beaded bead as an ornament and everyone loved it so hopefully this class will be as popular this year.

As I'll be writing a tutorial for this I will also make it available in my stores :)
It also means I'll be cranking out the Ice Queen necklace so I can do the big reveal before I launch the tutorial.

Also with things being quiet teaching wise for a while I'll be able to get to writing the stack of tutorials I haven't had time for so watch out for some fun new things to make....including some new snaps designs :) The Lentil Snap and The Dagger Snap should be in my stores soon.

I'm also looking at making video versions of my tutorials...there's always something new to learn out there.

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