Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Beadus Interruptus!

Hard to get anything done for the last few days with visitors in the house.
It's amazing how much time you lose when certain people come for a day and a half....I figure I've lost five days of work!
The only thing I've been able to sneak in and settle to do is a few components for the Ice Queen's a sneak peek.

  I'm keeping the major components under wrap until the big reveal so you'll have to wait for those.  A certain Maven panicked when I said I'd run out of crystals after ordering!  It's amazing how fast you can use those babies up in my secret components and I really didn't think it through enough.

Working totally in white is tough for me, not the designing aspect but seeing where the thread goes...give me black any day!
I have been thinking I'd like to do this piece in black and call it "Black Ice", much more something I would wear as white says wedding to me. My working name for this piece is "Oksana" after Peter announced his as "Svetlana" before!  I guess we both relate icy and pretty with Russia.  However, the white wedding thing has me thinking "Aspen Wedding" or just "Aspen".
I'm sure it will scream it's name at me once it's finished.'s off to play catchup for me.


  1. Oh Mikki, that sneak peak has me soooo curious to see the final piece!

  2. This sneak peek is gorgeous!!! I can't wait to see it in its entirety!!

  3. Even the peek is lovely, Mik. Bound to be a show stopper. I'm working in white lined crystal (when the supplies come)so hell, we'll probably both be snow blind by the end.


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