Saturday, October 30, 2010

Respect in a Changing World

This one isn't about beading at all it's about respect and free speech.

I've been more and more disappointed, saddened and just plain angry about how the flag "free speech" is being used to disrespect people.
I don't really tie myself to one political party, because I've seen from the inside that 99% of politicians are pretty much all out for themselves, so when I say I'm liberal I mean it in the "tolerant, broad-minded" way.

I do believe that everyone has the right to their own long as it doesn't hurt or abuse others.
I have no problem with poligamy (I live in Utah) as long as it is practiced by adults, and children are not coerced or brainwashed into it.
I believe any adult should be able to love any other adult no matter the color of their skin, their sexual preference, etc. and I believe they should have the same rights.
I believe state and church should function separately...if Halloween or New Year's eve falls on a Sunday...celebrate it on that day...don't go changing it because of religion (Saturdays are apparently ok because Judaism is overlooked....yes, again I live in Utah where they celebrated the new year a day early because it fell on a Sunday).  For one religion to dictate to all the others in a state is very says, if you don't believe what we believe you don't count....and we live in a democracy?

That's just some of what I believe.
One thing that has horrified me lately is this anti-gay group picketing the funerals of fallen soldiers whether they are gay or not. This idea that God is killing soldiers because America is 'tolerant' of gays is so offensive it makes me want to scream.
You can tout free speech all you like as you diss someone's opinions on their Facebook wall but if you were burying your son or daughter killed while fighting for their country and you had a bunch of protesters disrupting the funeral I have a feeling you might not be waving your own free speech flag.

Unfortunately technology has given us new issues about free speech and no conduct guidelines.  So here's what I think:

A Facebook wall is like someone's garden, if they support a particular political party they may post something saying the signs you see in people's gardens.  Now, I doubt you would go into someone's garden and rip out that sign, or deface it, or plant your own right next to it. You probably just shake your head and drive/walk on by. Maybe you go put your own sign in your own garden...that's your right and the right thing to do....that's free speech with respect. In the same away from that person's wall and go post something on your own...if they have you on their feed, they will see it and you're not disrespecting their space.

Likewise, don't go posting to people's walls telling them to vote...odds are that by being online they are fully aware there's a vote coming up if it applies to them....and people, someone from Indonesia does not need to know about your local elections....ask you care who is their mayor? not take it for granted that because you have someone's e-mail address that they believe/support the same things you do. Realise they may actually believe/support the exact oposite view...and that they have every right to do that. They do not need your e-mail in their inbox spouting things against their belief....that's just antagonizing. say, "but I don't know what they believe in"...then you don't know them well enough to push your ideas onto them.  Ask them if they mind recieving info about such and such...and if they say yes, they do mind...respect that.

It seems the more technology we get the more respect dies unless we stand up and fight for it.  As those who know me know...I barely use my phone anymore. I turn it off.  I have a cell phone for my convenience, and if I need to use it, I do....after considering if it will be convenient for the person I'm calling to recieve my call.  It became obvious to me that I wasn't given the same consideration, hence my phone got turned off.  Contact me by can always ask me if I have time to talk on the phone...and if it is....hey, I'll call you....but expect my # to be hidden because I no longer give it out.

Now if you are reading this and thinking "she's talking out her butt", I respect your opinion, please just leave an "I disagree" comment and then go to your own blog and write your own opinions there....because my blog is also my garden.....and I weed it :)


  1. I agree 100%! R-E-S-P-E-C-T, sung with class!!!!

  2. Where do I sign up? I want to be your running mate Mikki!!!! Great post.

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  4. The absolute BEST post I have seen in literally YEARS. I'm with Peter - I'll run with you anytime!

  5. Like I said...I've had my taste of politics...I didn't fit in. After being beaten into a concussion (literally) by a guy running for office I got the point that honesty and integrity were not wanted.

  6. fanastic , well said and i totaly agree with you :)

  7. Nice post. I try not to put anything political on my facebook page. It is for art and jewelry. But occasionally I want to respond to others. I usually don't but sometimes I can't help myself....

  8. I agree with you 100% and you put it so well - bravo!

  9. Oh, how I wish there were more like-minded people in the world. Well said, Mikki.

  10. Great blog post! I occasionally post political stuff on my wall because its usually something that speaks to me. I've gotten hateful remarks and even un-friended for what I've put into my "garden" and don't understand it. If you don't agree with my posts, so be it. But I bet if you asked me about it, you just might be surprised. I have never posted "junk" on other people's walls, because I don't like to litter. I hold true that old saying treat someone how you would like to be treated. Manners and respect really have fallen by the wayside, but I try to keep that in mind with regards to my kids. Great posts. I will definitely share it. Maybe it will knock some sense into some people... at least for a moment.

  11. Excellent Post, well said. Applies to all aspects of life, not just FB or electronic communication.

  12. Great post Mikki.

    I recently got a few negative comments on a post I had on Facebook about gay marriage here in Australia. Our government thinks it is ok for gay couples to adopt children but it is not legal for them to be married. I just can't understand this...isn't adopting a child more commitment that marriage?

    Anyway I said how ridiculous I thought the decision was and then I got a lot of comments accusing me of being anti-gay. I have gay friends and have never been nor will I ever be anti-gay. If they read my post correctly they would see I was in support of gay couples marrying AND adopting children.

    Some people see what they want to in a comment and start ranting and raving before the information has sunk into their thick skulls.

    And boy don't even get my started on the views of some religions. I have a work colleague who is a Jehovah and is very anti-gay yet the owner of the private hospital we work in is openly gay. Her comment once was that all gays should be "gathered and burnt" yet she doesn't object to a gay man paying her wages each fortnight. Very hypocritical.

    I'll stop now before I get too fired up!!


  13. Yeah Karyn...some things are just mystifying. Here in Utah there have been a couple of LDS churches burned and they are calling it a hate crime. Interestingly enough this has happened after one of the church elders spouted a whole lot of gay hate. A very clear example of hate breeding hate.

  14. Mikki, the same metaphor popped into my head when I found a link on my page, posted by someone else, in regards to the November election. Now, I'd be happy to vote in November were I an American...and I understand what is at stake. But this further proves your point, doesn't it? This link posted on the page of a Canadian - and my citizenship is in plain view. Exactly like planting a political campaign sign on your neighbor's lawn - without permission. I second you on everything you've said here. And good for you.

  15. Two peas in a pod man, that's me'n You!!!

  16. Well said, Mikki!! Thank you so much for writing this. I absolutely agree with you!! <3

  17. It's nice to know I'm not thanks to all of you for letting me know there are still some sane people left in the world.


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