Thursday, October 14, 2010

Snowed In

No...I'm not, but I would like to be.
I loved being snowed in when I lived in the mountains of Park City, Utah.
It's the perfect excuse to curl up with a good book and a latte. Of course thesedays I'd switch the book for beads. I beaded yesterday and managed to make a lot of headway on my Autumn challenge piece and I named it..."Rubus Autumnus". The name came because the leaves mixed with the freeform remind me of bramble bushes. I like the Latin translation of "Autumn Brambles" ...I'm English and Latin is somehow inbred :)

So...I have some fringing to do today and maybe this one will be finished and ready for it's reveal :)
I'm toying with an idea for Good Quill Hunting's Haute Couture Contest, something a bit different, something I haven't done before.
And my beads are ordered for the Bead Mavens Ice Queen challenge, of course no prizes for me in that one :)  But...for you, so give it a try.

I'm continuing my quiet time for the next few days, sometimes you just have to step back and do the thing you love without any of the business stuff attached.

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