Monday, October 18, 2010

Let Me at Dem Beads!

Saturday my brother and his partner arrived to help us empty the attic and get some things ready for a yard sale so there were lots of errands to run in preparation for their arrival so the only beady thing I managed to do was lay out the newly arrived beads for my Ice Queen challenge piece.

Today I'm still looking at them on the board dying to start beading them and boy, has it been hard not to ignore everyone in the house and retreat to my little beading corner.  Today I shall be able to start beading :)
I'm really happy to be using some of the vintage Swarovski rivolis I bought from Kandra's Beads at the CCBS bead show, they are perfect for this challenge.  Sometimes buying things that aren't on my 'Need' list works out really well, other times....well, I still haven't touched a bunch of beads that I got when the ABC bead show was in town. Though, the wonderful Nancy Dale sent me a tutorial that gave me an idea for some of them :)'s Monday and it's back to beading for me. I hope you get some time to play with your beads today too.


  1. Looks like it's going to be an amazing necklace, Mikki! I can't wait to see how it comes I'll be on my toes, trying to think of how to deal with my 'white' problem!! (I'm very glad if you can use up some of those beads on a rope ;)!!!

  2. set me thinking and though it won't be anything like yours it is the basic idea:)


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